Daily Prompt: Border

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Borders are imagined, they’re arbitrary lines

To separate what is yours from what’s mine

People use it to further their hatred and greed

They claim it is proof of different races and creeds

But the line cant be seen, it isn’t there, its not real

You cannot touch it, or smell it, it doesn’t see it doesn’t feel

It once served a purpose; it had a use I am sure

But we have long since moved on, we aren’t like before

At least we shouldn’t be now, and without it who knows

Maybe acceptance and tolerance would have space to grow

But that which divides us, cannot claim to include

The people on the other side, the ones its excludes

Just as humans have, over centuries, evolved

So must our cultures, we need more people involved

For in sharing ideas, and blending our gifts

We can giving something back, we can be part of the shift

To a world without racism, nationalism and hate

To a world where we love lets have that be our fate

So yes, it is nice to win geographic lotteries

But there are so many who didn’t, who have no choice but to flee

To better their lives, just like we can do now

They don’t need our hatred they need our acceptance, but how

When we put so much stock in this silly old line

That we only see in books, so surely its time

To be rid of the borders, and open up the land

To be shared by everyone, so we can lend a helping hand

A borderless world – how I wish it could be

What we give to the future, what is our legacy

So lets stop the exclusion and learn from the past

Lets erase the the borders and let peace come at last.


Daily Prompt: Realize

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Truth comes at different times

Thruths often hurt more than lies

But when you wake up in the morning

And youre full of grief and mourning

What you have been burying for too long

What made you believe you were standing strong

Was a cover, a mask, that you hid behind

Convinced yourself was necessary, but to the truth you were blind

For being true to you, and feeling that pain

Could have saved so much time, could’ve lightened the weight

But you cant change it now, it iss there and its done

Just hope they accept you, you cant change for anyone

For the mask that you wore, that hid all of your hurt

Was not who you are, now you need to come first

And its ok that you’ve changed, that you’re not who they thought

Just stay true to you and do not contort

Yourself into something you cannot ever be

For its fake, a mirage, just shout “that’s not me”

If they hear you and love you, for who you truly are

They will be there tomorrow, they will never be far

To show you the love and care you need

You won’t feel tied down, you will finally be free

So sleep no more, its ok to open your eyes

Greet the new day, stop hiding, realize

You are worth more than you know

Its OK to shine, to change and to grow

Into who you are, the scars will remind you

Of all that you lost, all that you fought to put behind you.

Its a three syllable word full of shock, and surprise


Daily Prompt: Tree

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A tree I thought would never falter or fail

A tree I hoped would truly prevail

Through thick and thin, through tough times and good

I thought this tree was made of the strongest wood

But as the flood rises higher and higher each day

I realise this tree may soon wither away

All that remains will be the memories we hold

Of a tree that was once so strong and so bold

That could weather the toughest of storms

The harshest of winters, and the summers too warm

It sheltered in rain, in snow and in sun

The tree gave life, to every daughter and son

For the tree that I think of, and write about now

Is the family tree, of a family too proud

And a branch that has broken beyond all repair,

Will serve as a reminder of what used to be there

What held us together, what kept us all safe

Has long since departed and left loss in its wake

And although the emptiness and heartache we feel

Shall be with us forever, it won’t ever heal

There will come a time in spring, summer or fall

The tree will seed a sapling that will grow strong and grow tall

And the memory of the branch that we lost too swift and soon

will shade us from harm and glow in the warm light of the moon.



I have been dreaming about my mum a lot these past few weeks, i always do after the christmas period. I dream of her, and see her alive, not how she was before the accident, she has been gone for so long, but the person she was after – whom i loved so much. I see her, i hug her, i laugh with her, and then i wake – and all of the pain, all of the loss hits me all over again. I know that no matter how much time passes i will miss her, i will hurt – forever. My heart is broken, it can never truly be whole again, a piece is gone. And whilst this knowledge is sometimes too much to bare, its how i know that it was real. i don’t have videos of the time we had with her, i don’t have that many pictures (a true regret), i don’t believe in heaven or hell, so i know i will never see her again, she exists only in my memory, in my mind and in my pain. I think of all the things that she must have looked forward to when she had children, the mile stones, and it is so painful, that she wont be there, that she missed them, how much it would have killed her to know that she would miss them. i suppose it was a gift that she never knew what she was missing the years she was here. She didn’t know who we were, she didn’t know that she was missing anything. I know i will carry her with me, but i just wish i could see her, just for 1 minute, just to hear her say she loves me, that its ok…  but i cant. My heart will forever be broken because she is gone. x

I think that too many people believe or feel that happiness is the destination that if they can just find “perfection” they will be happy, as opposed to just seeing the here and now for its infinite beauty. Cherishing those who mean the most you, seeing the best in people (who others may feel do not deserve it), forgiving people who have wronged you, and giving time to people just because you can. There will of course be shit times at some point, but hopefully there will be the ones you love to surround you with love, comfort, time and forgiveness and who will help you to see the beauty in the world that maybe you forgot existed. 

Grapes of WRATH

Omg so the war wages on. However, the banana and yoghurt has now been defeated, in its place, GRAPES. that are chewed with such violence that a passer by may think he had a vendetta against this lovely fruit. this is not the case – clearly the vendetta is against my ears. i have turned the volume on my laptop to the loudest setting and have been blasting out Michael Bublé and singing along to no avail. i thought that maybe if i sang along it might prove an efficient weapon – this plan was thwarted as he clearly was not bothered. i have clearly underestimated my nemesis. that or he is upping his game… well two can play at that game. My ally in the house has been aiding me. we talk about sex, attractive men, women, play youtube videos of graham norton interviewing the women and men that we find attractive, played sexual songs…. but this isnt enough. his will remains stronger than ever. how will i break him? 

Running out of innapropriate things to google

It’s not how it sounds…. but every time generalissimo peesalot comes into the living kitchen area and i am on my laptop he insists on standing behind me and staring at my screen as if it is any of his business. so in an attempt to stop this i google lingerie or anything sex clothes, toys etc. as he is very religious and doesn’t believe in premarital sex… some may say that this is not a nice thing to do – to them i respond: nor is staring at my screen. as what i do on my laptop has nothing to do with you! MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!